NTI Tension Suppression System

America’s 29 million migraine sufferers spend dizzying sums of money purchasing medication to treat their pain. Many aren’t aware there is a cost-effective migraine preventative available through dentists. A dental appliance called the NTI-tss Plus is FDA approved for the prevention of migraine pain.

In clinical trials reviewed by the FDA, 82% of medically diagnosed migraine sufferers using the NTI-tss had a 77% average reduction of migraine pain attacks within the first eight weeks of use. Unlike migraine medications, there are no side effects, and the device is safe for pregnant women. The cost of an NTI-tss varies, but compared to the money spent repeatedly purchasing prescription drugs to combat migraines, the price is relatively minimal. Some insurance plans will even cover the expense.

Dr. Fuentes is using the NTI-tss in her practice. She says the device works by reducing jaw clenching during sleep. It fits over the central teeth on the bottom arch of the mouth and keeps the molars and canines from touching. Many patients unconsciously clench and grind their teeth at night. For some, clenching serves as a catalyst for migraine inducing strain on the muscles in the head and face.

Estimates show one out of four women suffer from migraine headaches, and half of all migraine sufferers are undiagnosed. Over 45,000 custom-made NTI’s were prescribed last year.

To demonstrate how the NTI works, touch the muscles of the temples while biting down on a pencil with the back teeth as hard as possible. The temporal muscles will bulge and intensely contract. When one bites down on a pencil with only the front teeth, the temporal muscles remain relaxed.

“I believe the use of the NTI has greatly reduced both the frequency and intensity of my migraine attacks,” said Marie Arrowsmith, an NTI user. “It sounds a bit dramatic to say, ‘I have my life back!’ but in so many ways, that is how I feel.”

The NTI-tss also works for patients who grind their teeth at night and need a bite guard. It is much smaller and less obtrusive than a full-coverage guard, and works just as well at preventing damage to the teeth from bruxing (unconscious grinding of the teeth).

Having suffered chronic, all-day headaches and frequent migraine attacks for 12 years, Dr. Jim Boyd developed the NTI therapeutic protocol to rid him of his pain. He is now an associate with The Headache Center Neurology clinic in Encinitas, CA.

"NTI" refers to the nocturnal inhibition of trigeminal nociception. During unprotected sleep, massive amounts of harmful input (called nociception) bombard the temporal muscles. By keeping the posterior teeth from touching, damaging stress is greatly reduced. “tss” is an acronym for tension suppression system.